Some people just have too much time and money.

I’ve been toodling around a really cool site called Pinterest lately. It’s a great place to collect all the bits and bobs one finds while roaming the internet – you know, all those crafts you think you’ll do someday, or those gorgeous cupboards you want in your dream kitchen. but can’t afford.
One of the categories I’ve been perusing the most is the DIY/Crafts one, and there’s an image that keeps popping up over and over again. People keep repinning the damned thing, and for the life of me, I just don’t freaking get it! Let me see if I can share the image here…

There….so what we do is take not one, but TWO boxes of 64 Crayola crayons, plus a box of 24 – and they’re quite specific that they HAVE to be Crayola, cause the cheap dollar store ones are – well, cheap and don’t melt properly. You hot glue gun them carefully in a rainbow, just like in the picture, then you attack them with your blow dryer. Do one little section at a time, apparently it takes about an hour for the whole thing, and the crayons will melt and create this rainbow effect.

What the fuck?

Question number one: Who came up with this half assed idea? Who on earth was sitting around one day and thought, hey, I know, I’ll glue crayons to a board and melt them and see what happens!
Question number two: Why the hell would anyone want to do this???? First off, what a total waste of perfectly good crayons; secondly, what a waste of perfectly good money; and thirdly, what a waste of perfectly good time!
Question number three: Who the hell thinks this is such an incredibly wonderful idea that they keep repinning the damn photo all over Pinterest? Are they nucking futs???
Question number four: What, exactly, is the point of this? It is not art, it is melted wax crayons. It is not a kids craft – no helicopter parent who would attempt this craft would ever allow their kid to touch a hair dryer, not to mention a – gasp – hot glue gun. So what’s the purpose of it? My thought is that it’s a ploy by Crayola to bolster sagging crayon sales as people buy the cheap dollar store crayons instead. All the people repinning it are Crayola employees in fear of losing their jobs. Just my thoughts, not gospel, so don’t go spreading rumours….

And there’s this niggling thought at the back of my head that if my kids show this blog entry to their father’s whor-erm, I mean, girlfriend, she’ll think it’s an utterly brilliant idea and rush straight out to the store to buy crayons….

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