New Years Eve and SA update.

The kids are off at their dad’s and I’m fine with that. I thought it would be harder than it is turning out to be. Helps that I have lots to keep me busy. Yesterday I finally got my living room cleaned up of all its paper, boxes and bags from Christmas. Looks quite nice in there. Still have lots of work to do, but am feeling very lazy today.

Last night I went to Stoney Creek to spend the evening with Shelley. It was her daughter’s 15th birthday, and Dani was having a party at home with a few friends, so was delighted to have Mom leave for a bit. Shelley’s boyfriend, Shawn, was there when I arrived. He seems really nice, very easy to talk to, and I can see the two of them together. He had to work last night, so once he left, Shelley and I were on our own – well, except for the 8 or so loud teenagers downstairs. She showed me the list of women she had taken from Frank’s place last summer. His equivalent to a little black book. Shudder.

We decided to go to Montanas for dinner, and sat in the bar for the 30 min wait for a table. We do have a lot more in common than just Frank, so conversation was not at all difficult. After we got our table, the waitress was laughing at us reading the menus. I had my glasses on, and Shelley’s arms aren’t quite long enough to hold the menu far enough away, lol. Shelley made some joke about us old ladies, and the waitress was quite adamant that we weren’t at least old. Now, her mom, her mom is old, cause she’s 52. It’s a good thing we were sitting down because we both nearly killed ourselves laughing. Shelley asked her how old she thought we were, and we were delighted to learn that this young thing thought we were both in our mid thirties! Great way to start the night!

Dinner was delicious, of course for Montanas. While we were in the bar, Shelley had texted Frank asking if she could come over to pick up her crock pot which she had left at his house. He didn’t answer. After we were finished dinner, I sent him a text claiming I was in Hamilton, had just walked out on my date, and needed a hug, could I come over? He didn’t answer me either.  So we decided, against both our better judgements, to just go over to his house and see what was going on. On the way we got stopped at a RIDE stop, and the cop was incredibly HOT! Very polite and pleasant, asking me if I’d had anything to drink, and laughing when I confessed to two diet pepsis. He just shook his head and asked me if that would happen to be an alcoholic sucker I was  holding. (Montanas gives you suckers at the end of your meal. Shelley crunched hers, I slurped on mine) I just kind of looked at him – a WHAT? I laughed and said he’d have to check with Montanas about what was in their suckers, but it just tasted like strawberry to me! He laughed and told us to have a good evening, and we drooled over him for the rest of the drive.

Frank still hadn’t answered either of our texts, and his house was in total darkness, though his car was there. Shelley snuck round the back – he has a corner townhouse – and said the TV was on, but she couldn’t see in. Since I had already texted to ask if I could come over, I went to the door alone while she crouched down in the car, lol. I could hear the tv, I could hear noises inside, almost sounded like furniture moving, but he wouldn’t answer the door. On talking about it with Shelley, we think he had someone upstairs, because his bed would literally be right over where I was standing in the alcove of his doorway, so we think the noises I heard were the bed….thumping….banging on the wall…. So we sat outside in my car for a while, talking, laughing and listening to Lady Gaga, wondering if some woman would exit his house…. If someone had, I think both of us would’ve been out of that car so fast it would make your head spin! Can you just hear the conversation….?

Anyhow, our aging bladders failed us before our willpower did, and since there weren’t any Timmys’ open, and Frank didn’t seem inclined to let us in to use his bathroom, we abandoned  our stakeout and headed back to Shelley’s. Where we found a few additional teenagers, including one passed out on the bathroom floor! Shelley was not impressed! Shelley does not hide what she thinks. She is quite vocal in expressing her opinions, and let Daniella know in no uncertain terms that the extras had to leave! Including the drunk. She and I sat in her living room the rest of the night, talking, and just generally having a fun time together. I got a text at midnight that threw me for a bit of a loop, being totally unexpected, and raising some questions in my mind, so we talked that all out too. I was texting with Brianna till just after midnight when she headed to bed. I left Shelley’s around 12:30 and had an uneventful drive home. Oh, at midnight she and I both sent Frank “Happy New Year” texts at precisely the same instant. Neither of us got responses.

Moving along to the Simple Abundance update…I’m moving quite rapidly through this section of the book. She’s talking about clothing, the difference between fashion and style, trendy and classic, the need to recognise one’s own style, and to wear clothing that makes you feel good, and enhances your own self confidence. Most of it stuff I know already. I had acted long ago on her advice to purge your closet of stuff you don’t wear, that doesn’t make you feel good, and to slowly build your wardrobe of classic pieces that make you feel special when you wear them. She’s moved on to exercise – but she calls it ‘creative movement’, and also views walking much as I do – as a form of meditation to clear the mind and solve problems. I noticed tonight’s readings will be on ‘hair’….so help me, if she tells me to accept and love the grey in my hair, I will not be happy. Yeah, I’ve earned every one of those grey hairs, but I plan on covering them up as long as I possibly can! Vanity? Maybe, but having all those grey hairs does NOT make me feel good, and having them covered up makes me feel younger, more self confident, and much more positive. Which would you prefer??? I rest my case. Clairol wins.

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  1. Dawn says:

    You two crack me up!

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