It’s in the box….

The safety deposit box, that is.

I don’t know if I’d mentioned it here or not, but my mom had a safety deposit box. I found the keys when we cleaned out the house, but had no clue where the box actually was. I suspected CIBC, since the keys were in a CIBC envelope, but my lawyer supposedly did a search through CIBC and turned up no SDB. However, since I have her mail redirected to me, I was the one who received the letter notifying her that the annual SDB rental had been deducted from her account, and it gave the account number, and warned her that the account was dormant.

I finally got around to making an appointment to access the SDB. I had met with my banker, Christa, a couple weeks ago to pay off the mortgage, and she took copies of all my documents pertaining to mom’s estate. She then made the appointment for me with her and another lady, Barb, who oversees all the SDBs.

Apparently when it’s an estate thing, the SDB must be opened and itemized in the presence of two bank officials. I didn’t know that. And there is all kinds of paperwork to do. We sat in her office and did the initial paperwork, which affected me for some reason. I saw Mom’s signature on the card and started to cry. Neither Barb nor Christa so much as batted an eyelash, but Christa just handed me the box of Kleenex.  Paperwork done, Barb took me back into a vault of SDBs. It was so cool! I’ve never been in one of those before – never having had a SDB of my own. She used her key, then used both of mine, and it opened! She slid it out, I had to sign another paper, and then we took it back to Christa’s office. Both ladies sat there, waiting for me to open it. My hand was shaking as I did. See, I had no idea what was in it. I was hoping for the missing $175K in Canada Savings Bonds, and my adoption papers. I was fearing a will.

The box was stuffed full. The first envelope I took out contained $100K in CSBs. The second envelope held the remaining $75K. That was a huge relief! We then found an envelope with more of the ancient CSB’s, the old ones with the coupons attached to them. My contact at TD knows how to deal with those, and I have an appointment to see him on Monday. We also found an envelope with securities coupons from the Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario, and the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto. No clue how much they’re worth, if anything, but face value is about $10K.

And then, at the very bottom of the box, a yellowed old legal size envelope. My hands were really shaking as I took this one out and turned it over. It was addressed to my parents, and the return address was the Registrar something or other. Christa was excited, and said, “Is this it? Is this what you were hoping for?” I opened the envelope, unfolded the paper, and yes, indeed, it was my original adoption order! I read it over, handed it to Barb who read it over as well, then looked at me with a worried expression…..”You DID know you were adopted, right?” she asked. I reassured her that this was no surprise at all, and that I had actually hoped to find that paper in there.

So, I walked out of the bank feeling like I’d been hit by a bus, but in a good way. Luckily I had done my other errands before the bank, because I was in no condition to do them after! I’m not sure how I got home, but I did, and I put my new treasures in a safe place till I can deal with them. One less thing to worry about.

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