Scouts remember…

Friday was Remembrance Day here, and Sean’s Scout troop was participating in the parade to the cenotaph for the ceremony. It’s the first time he’s attended, having preferred in past years to just wear his uniform to school, and it was a bitterly cold day!

They gathered in the armouries, rubbing shoulders with local veterans and dignitaries, as well as kids from the local cadet groups. I left him there with his leader and went out to try to find someplace to stand where I might actually get a photo of  him. I found a friend to stand with, who was also hoping to get a photo of her son, who was marching with the Air Cadets. We were successful, by staying at the back of the crowd, close to the road, where we could see the boys marching by. It was a lovely service, but oh, so cold, including nasty ice pellets that the padre referred to as “heavenly confetti”. I might have been amused if I hadn’t been chilled right through.

Then today the church where the Scout meetings are held hosted a Remembrance Day service of their own, and the various Scouting groups participated. The one and only day of the year Brianna and I attend church. It was a nice service, though it’s kind of sad to see how few people attend the church, even for something special like this. I guess that’s why the church itself is closing and amalgamating with another congregation.

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