Another first…

This one was Halloween. Very different to other years, yet very much the same.

Different in that we carved our pumpkins up in Cloyne, simply because if we had done them before we went, it would be too early for Halloween and they might have rotted. If we waited till we came back – well, we wouldn’t have had time.
The same in that there were three pumpkins, just like always, for the three of us who always carved them.

The same in that my kids went trick or treating.
But very different – and difficult – in that the two of them went out together, instead of with a parent.
This is the first year I have not been out on the street with my kids while they were trick or treating. Had nothing to do with safety, hell, I was out there because I LOVE Halloween! So off they trotted together, my police officer and my devil’s mistress (don’t ask), while I sat home alone and handed out candy.
It used to be that Paul and I traded off, one at home for a while, then the other, which meant we each got a chance to romp the neighbourhood and see decorations, pumpkins and costumes.

I missed all that this year.

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One Response to Another first…

  1. Dawn says:

    Paul sucks. Just saying.

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