…the sun is shining. For a change. Nice to see.

Inside, I’m being productive. Those million things I referred to in my last post have been whittled down somewhat. I headed out early to go to the bank and pay off Paul’s bills. I have now met my obligations under the separation agreement and I wait to hear from the lawyer who will be handling the transfer of the house into my name.
I stopped by and paid my cable bill, and popped into Home Hardware to order a mailbox. One of those free-standing, cast iron numbers. It should arrive Tues. I’ve always wanted one of those….thanks mom.
I came home and finished packing, more or less, for the weekend. Then I sat down with my phone. I called the idiot lawyer who still hasn’t sold my stocks and I now have an appointment with him for Wed morning. I called the optical place and made an appointment for an eye test for Brianna, with the likelihood of  new glasses, for Thurs. I called Walmart and finally made an appointment for our new family portraits for next Sat. I called the Expositor and finally re-started my subscription that I’d stopped back when we had no money. Sean will be thrilled to bits to be able to read the paper. I called the city tax office to inquire about the information Iain needs for mom’s taxes, and was told I’ll have to go in in person to request hand prepared information since the property has changed hands. And I still have about an hour before I have to go back to work! Go me!


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