And the stress marches on…

Today was Brianna’s birthday. Her 16th birthday. And as any Ontario resident knows, that’s the day you go to the drive test office to write your test for your beginners drivers license, or as it’s known now, your G1.

Guess what we did today. Yep, we made the pilgrimage to the drive test place. After a mad dash over to BCI to get Julie to sign as a guarantor witnessing Brianna’s signature – seriously, how many 16 year olds have signed ID???? – she wrote her test. And passed. And got her license. And then drove home. Very slowly, and carefully, but she did it, she drove home on her own. Well, I was in the car, but other than direct and instruct, I didn’t do much.

And tonight she went to swim class with us – and drove all the way there, then drove to East Side Marios for her birthday dinner, and then drove literally all the way back across town to home!

I’m so very proud of her. She’s doing very well for her first day of driving. I can see her gaining confidence as she becomes familiar with how the car handles, and as she does some of the same things repeatedly. Obviously I have moments when I cringe or cling to the armrest, but overall, she’s doing great! Way to go, Brianna!

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