I missed a day…

Whoops. I missed posting yesterday. So I’ve had to sit down and stop to think what on earth I was doing that could possibly be more important than posting here…
Let’s see…I went to work. I came home and had a nap. I talked to Shane about wood, and phoned several lumber yards pricing the wood needed for the front porch. I played on the computer, put away a pile of laundry, did several loads of laundry, cleaned out the coat closet, went back to work, picked up pizza for dinner, took Sean to do his Apple Day duty, picked him up later, took Josh home and, um, I have no idea what else.
And there was nothing funny to report on, nor were there any amusing bus kid anecdotes.
So, no entry.

Fast forward to today. I hauled myself out of bed in the dark in order to get Sean to today’s Apple Day duty station. It was still somewhat dark when I came home, so I just crawled back into bed and managed to go back to sleep for a couple more hours! Did some more laundry, went and picked up my replacement chair, took the kids out for lunch, took Brianna to buy a gift for a party she’s at tonight, stopped to pick up party supplies for her party, took photos of her all ready for the party, took her to the party, had dinner with Sean and now here I am, thinking that my life is too incredibly boring to even find a single subject to blog about today. In fact, I’m even putting myself to sleep. Think I’ll go watch a movie. Night all.

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