It’s worth it to buy the extra warranty….

As loyal readers (all two of you) will know, I have been purchasing new furniture. Most recently I bought a lovely dining room suite consisting of china cabinet, table and four chairs. The chairs are lovely and comfy – well, as comfy as dining room chairs are supposed to be – and the table is big and inviting, just begging you to do your homework, play board games and even pay bills! We were delighted with our new dining room.

Till tonight. When Brianna sat down and her chair wobbled. She looked at each of the feet, but there was no apparent reason for wobbling. She tried it again, still wobbly.  She got up, turned the thing over and discovered that one of the leg supports was cracked clear in half! Not nice! She switched chairs.

After dinner I called The Brick, and the lovely lady who answered my call pulled up my record on her computer, discovered that I did indeed have the five year construction warranty, and promised me they’d have a brand new chair in the store for me to pick up on Saturday. They’ll call me when it’s in. As for the old chair – well, she said, you can just throw it out, or keep it, it’s up to you.

For all my grousing about the delivery guy, I’m impressed with the service response to the chair! Of course, it remains to be seen if the chair shows up on Saturday, but I choose to believe it will.

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One Response to It’s worth it to buy the extra warranty….

  1. Dawn says:

    Awesome! I always life when customer service works. So many times these days, we hear of negative responses, it is nice to hear positive.

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