Bricks and WHAT?

I followed a link on Facebook today to read an article on about the concern with which publishers are watching the changes in process at Indigo stores. As a former book retailer, this interests me.

As an avid reader, and a self confessed member of the grammar police, I admit to being very turned off by errors in anything that is published, whether it be a book, a newspaper article, or online. If you want me to take you seriously, do not make blatant grammar errors. And yes, I admit, I am not perfect in that regard myself. The difference is, I am not writing with the intention of being read by anyone other than some close friends….

So when I came across the following description in the afore-mentioned article, it stopped me dead in my tracks….

Indigo was described twice as “Canada’s largest bricks-and-motor books retailer”

Say what?

Indigo sells bricks? Indigo sells bricks and motor books? What are motor books?

Presumably the expression the writer was looking for was “bricks and mortar”, a term used to refer to a physical store in a building, as opposed to a catalogue or online shop. How did this get past the proofreaders?

And yeah, I know it’s just me being anal, but maybe the author of the article needs to think before using an expression they aren’t familiar with…..

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One Response to Bricks and WHAT?

  1. Heather Smedley says:

    AMEN sister!!

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