A Wedding Story

I went to a wedding Fri night. Not just any wedding. This was a wedding in which a childhood friend married her girlfriend.
I’ll say up front that I have no problem with the whole gay/lesbian thing, whatever works, whatever makes you happy, go for it.  Though I also have to say that I don’t have a lot of experience/exposure to such couples, and just for a few minutes at times, things seem slightly askew.
For example. I was invited to the engagement party, but was unable to attend due to prior commitments. Now, I KNEW the happy couple were both ladies, and I had seen pictures of them together before, but oddly, when I saw the photos from the engagement party, it just kind of threw me for a moment. My mind was saying “engagement”, my eyes were seeing two ladies, and it just wasn’t computing properly for a moment. I reconnected a couple wires in my brain and suddenly it was fine.

So, fast forward to the wedding. It was an outdoor wedding, and they had both a lovely setting, and magnificent fall weather. My friend wore a beautiful slightly offwhite gown, all sparkly, and with her hair in lovely curls  she looked like an absolute princess. It’s funny, but that thought went through my mind as I saw her being escorted down the driveway by her son, that she looked like a fairy tale princess, and then later she said to me that she felt like a princess. Maybe part of it was how she was glowing. Her happiness literally radiated off her, and I don’t know what kind of cynic couldn’t have sensed it.

The ceremony was held on a small island in the center of a pond, which they reached via a rustic wooden bridge. The celebrant was amazing, and really made the ceremony special. Too often you see ministers who seem jaded and bored by the whole wedding thing, but this lady’s enthusiasm and excitement were obvious. She was plainly delighted to be there, marrying this couple, and it showed!

The reception was held in an old inn with a homey, rustic atmosphere and the dinner was simply delicious! We started with a salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, followed by a buffet of battered fish, baked chicken, roast beef, seasoned potatoes and mixed veggies. Everything was cooked just right and tasted great! I don’t think anyone went home hungry! Dinner was followed by the cake cutting – mmm, carrot cake! – and then a dance. I was having a lot of fun, but my date was getting tired and wanted to leave. For a bit I seriously considered taking him back to the hotel and returning to the party, but decided that really wouldn’t be the nice thing to do….and as we know, I always try to do the nice things, even if it’s not what I want…sigh.

So, to sum up, it was a beautiful wedding, the happy couple seem so – well, happy! – and I am thrilled and honoured to have been invited to have been part of it. Thank you Marilyn, for inviting me to witness your marriage. I wish you and Susan all the best for a long and wonderful future together.

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