This is me being a bitch…

So I can’t bake pies. You can buy delicious ones at any bakery and keep a local baker employed.

So I’m not a gourmet cook. The frozen department at M&M meats is quite impressive…

So I hate gardening. You can buy lovely fresh produce at the farmer’s market and support the local economy.

So I hate housework. Molly Maid does an impressive job, and provides employment for others.

So I can’t shingle a roof, build a fence, re-tile my bathroom, and I’m sure as hell no Martha Stewart.

What I do have is morals and values. I am not a home-wrecking tramp who sleeps with a married man, knowing he is married, and then lies to her children about when she met him so as not to appear cheap in their eyes…..

Just saying…..

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One Response to This is me being a bitch…

  1. Dawn says:

    Love you, Sue. Glad to see your posts!

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