Is my family really that strange?

Two things jumped out at me today suggesting that my family is very strange.

The first was my attempt at grocery shopping. This is becoming more and more difficult due to the fact that the store I prefer – No Frills – has been cutting back on the products I specifically went there for. Sean’s favourite canned stew – yellow label, no name, which he likes better than the brand name – has been discontinued. My cat’s President’s Choice low PH cat food has been discontinued. Kraft Calorie Wise French dressing has been discontinued. I mean, seriously? Calorie wise French dressing????

So what does this mean? Is my family just weird that we’re the only ones in Brantford who were purchasing these products? The stew seems to have been discontinued totally – none of the stores here that carry the no name products have it. Surely we can’t have been the only ones who bought it???

And another thing….am I truly the only person in town who does not have a veritable army of family and friends to call upon to be there when I can’t? Two cases in point – my dining room furniture was scheduled to be delivered last Wed during the day. I specifically told the salesman I drive school bus, and I gave him a window from 9:30-2:30 when I’d be home. He assured me no problem. The store called on the Wed morning to tell me my furniture would be delivered between 1-3:30. Um, no, doesn’t cut it. And when I called back, I was connected to the actual delivery guy who kept calling me “honey” and “sweetheart”. I so HATE that. I came so very close to telling him to just forget the delivery and I’d be in for my refund, but I really, really wanted the furniture. He simply couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just call someone to be here when I had to leave. Not that it’s any of his business why I can’t, but here’s the thing – I have no family in Canada. Literally. I was an only child. My mother was an only child. My father’s family is all in England. I have no brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, parents, grandparents etc to leap in to cover my ass. I’m all there is. End of line. And friends? I have lots of wonderful friends, but the majority of them work fulltime during the day, and I couldn’t ask them to come sit at my house to wait for a condescending delivery guy to show up.

Why is it such a difficult concept to grasp, that someone actually has no family to call on for help?

Tonight when I picked up Sean from baseball I had to speak to his coach about the tournament on Wed. See, the ending time on the sheet was “2:00 – ?” Ok, that doesn’t cut it for me. How is he getting back to school? When is he getting back to school? How am I supposed to pick him up? What’s going on???

The coach told me I had to pick him up at Lions Park some time between 2-4:30. Sigh. So yet again I had to explain that I drive school bus, and work from 2:30-4:30, and have no one who could go sit out at Lions Park to wait for him to be done. The coach was just dumbfounded by my comment that we have no family in Canada. He blinked a few times and finally managed to say, “I had no idea!” Well, no, why would you.

But seriously, surely there must be other people who have no family? Am I really just that weird?

I have to wonder though, between the products that we like that not enough others do, and the shock with which most people greet my patient explanation that I really don’t have any family at all…..we must just be very strange.

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