Not nice, Canadian Tire, not nice…

In this week’s Canadian Tire flyer I spotted an item I just had to have. This doesn’t usually happen, because Canadian Tire really isn’t my kind of store. I feel very out of my league with tools and car things. Yeah, I know they carry a lot more than that, but I always find it daunting to actually LOCATE anything in there.
The desired item was a tool set – with pink handles. Yes, it’s the breast cancer awareness thing, but hey, it had things I needed in it, and it had pink handles. Who can argue with pink handled tools?
So off we trotted today to purchase said pink handled tools. Needless to say, I couldn’t find them, so Brianna found a sales person – not so easy to do as it used to be, I think they’re cutting staff – and we asked. She entered the stock number in her handy dandy hand-held tricorder thing, and while it told her there were some in stock, it wouldn’t tell her where they were located. However, she knew she had seen pink handled tools, and she gave us directions, so off we headed.
We found them. At least, we found a set of pink handled tools retailling for the advertised price, in a box that looked similar. But on closer inspection, it wasn’t the set we wanted. The advertised set had 135 items, including a cordless screwdriver; the set on display had only 39 items, one of which was NOT the cordless screwdriver. And there were no other pink handled tool sets in the store. We looked around for another sales person to ask, but all we could find were a pair of teenage girls giggling as they played with a packing tape dispenser. In all fairness, it did appear that they were supposed to be assembling something, but I’m guessing the assembling wasn’t happening, judging by the amount of giggling and goofing off….And I didn’t figure they’d have a clue about tools, so I didn’t bother asking them – which earned me the label of “ageist” from my teenaged daughter….which would be a whole other blog post….

So….I didn’t get my tools,; I wasn’t impressed with what appeared to be a mis-advertisement; and I wasn’t impressed with the giggling staff. Considering I’m not comfortable in the store to begin with, that kind of makes me think more than twice about returning….

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