Post a Day October…

Seems out there in blogland there’s a thing called a post a day challenge running for October…Now, I’d never actually sign up for such a thing, primarily because it might attract some attention to my blog, and frankly, I think my blog is way too boring to warrant any extra attention. I’m honestly amazed by those of you who do keep hanging on waiting for me to post….
However, I can commit to this in my own mind and see if I can actually manage to create one – even small – post each day. I know there’s a lot over the past month I haven’t talked about, mostly painting and redecorating, which has been a huge thing lately, so there’s no shortage of blog content.

Guess I’ll start off by talking about Brianna’s birthday party. She’s going to be 16, and Sweet Sixteen parties are HUGE now. Nothing like when I was young! They get a hall, invite everyone they know, and have a massive party. I was a bit taken aback by all of this, but hey, at least now I can afford it, right?
So, progress thus far….I booked a hall, one of the smaller ones in the city, and I found a DJ to play the top 40 crap – er, music that the kids like. I also booked a magician that we had encountered at our favourite restaurant. He’s going to mingle with the guests and blow their minds with his card, coin and bunny tricks. I wasn’t bargaining on the bunny, never having seen that part of his act, but he’s coming to us from another show and will have his bunny with him, and can’t leave said bunny in the car. So I get the magician and his rabbit. Brianna created invitations – purple of course – which we printed out – on purple paper of course – and she has handed them out to select friends. Oh, and we did set the date too, rather important that is….It’s on Nov 4th, from 8-12.
I still need to see about a cake and party supplies, and pre-order the pizza. I’ve bought some pop already, on sale for a good price.
Oh, and we bought the dress. It was on sale, half off, far less than I’d expected to pay….and it’s purple. Of course.

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One Response to Post a Day October…

  1. Heather Smedley says:

    Baking by Caroline, quite near your place does WONDERFUL cakes and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either….even for her custom work.

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