Rest in peace, little fish.

It’s been a rough day in our house. Sean’s fish died this morning, and he was just devastated. Biff was a lovely red betta fish, his birthday gift from Paul, and lived in a large glass vase on Sean’s dresser. Sean fed him faithfully morning and evening, never overfed, and on occasions when he had to be away from Biff, worried greatly about his welfare. Brianna and I had become attached to the little guy too, often popping into Sean’s room to say hello. So it was with great sorrow that we discovered him lying lifeless at the bottom of his vase.
We had a funeral for him, of course, wrapping him in Kleenex and burying him deep in the snapdragon bed, where bright flowers will always bloom over him.
He may have been only a fish, but he was a much loved fish, and will be missed by all of us.
Rest in peace little fish, and swim happily forever more in the Summerland.

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