How Time Flies….

…when you’re having fun.

I had so many great intentions for this summer. I had goals, plans, things I wanted to do. And now I find myself nearing summer’s end. Where did the summer go? How did it fly by so fast? I guess when you’re travelling more than usual, the time between trips flies by, and then the time on the trip flies, so that contributes. In August it seemed like we were just bouncing from one trip to another. Mind you, that should have been spread over July and August, except that someone – glares at daughter – had to spend July in summer school.

But looking back it’s probably been one of, if not the, best summers of my life. I was able to take my kids to places they’d never seen. I was able to do so without fretting and worrying about the cost of everything. I didn’t have to worry about paying bills, or whether my EI payment would show up on time. I’ve done things I’ve never done before – bought a car, learned to BBQ, booked holiday excursions online – and I’m very proud of myself for all of that.

What kind of saddens me though is how quickly something that one has looked forward to for a long time can slip by. Mimi told me back in late winter that she was hoping to come over this summer, and I’d been looking forward to having her here. I haven’t seen her since we met up in Switzerland, and was so happy to have her visit. I planned some of our trips to include her, hoping she’d enjoy them. And we did have a wonderful time. It was great to see her again, and I just loved that she and Brianna hit it off so well. She made a point of taking time to do special things with Sean, who was very little the last time she was here. It was a fantastic three weeks.

But those three weeks shot by so fast, it was hard to believe. It seemed I had just made the trek to the airport with Sean and Brianna to pick her up, and suddenly there I was making the trek home alone after dropping her off for her flight home.

They say time goes faster as you get older. Logically we know that isn’t possible, that it’s just our perception of it that increases speed. But deep down, I think my mom was right – time flies when you’re having fun, and time goes faster the older you get.

The next logical connection would therefore be that as you get older, you’re having more fun, right??????

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