Time for a little review..

Back at the end of the school year I had made some goals that I wanted to work towards over the summer. I think, since summer is now about half way done, it is time to review those and see how I’m doing.


First off, I wanted to blog more regularly. I think I’m not doing too badly with that one. I did very well during my trip in the States, and while I haven’t blogged as much since returning home, I haven’t been entirely silent either….

Second was getting my mom’s house ready to sell. Well, we know how that one went! Not only is it ready, it’s SOLD! Yep, achieved that goal, real fast!

Third was packing up Paul’s stuff. I’m picking away at that. I packed up three boxes of stuff from the computer area while I was trying to free up space to set up Andre’s laptop. Paul had requested to have one of the many duffle bags we have collected over the years, so when I took Sean down to meet him for their holiday up north, I packed the bag full of a bunch of things I kept intending to give him while he was here. When he was here last week I pointed out that I now have six large boxes and four big totes of stuff that belongs to him. He claims he’ll take it with him one box at a time when he visits the kids. I informed him that if he doesn’t deal with it real soon, I’ll be renting a storage unit and it can all go in there. He laughed. I don’t think he took me seriously. I was deadly serious.

Fourth. Hmmm. Scrapbooking. Bwahahahahaha! Hasn’t happened yet. Haven’t even sat down at the table. No time. Yet.

Fifth was travelling with the kids. This hasn’t happened yet, primarily because Brianna is in summer school, and now Sean is away with Paul and Dawn, but hopefully starting next week we can get out and about and do some things. Mimi arrives Aug 8, and I’m thinking on Aug 8 we’ll head up to Kingston, spend a few days there, then go down to Cloyne for a few days, arriving home on Sunday the 14th or Monday. The following weekend I want to go up to Southampton, to finally tour that dratted lighthouse! I think I’ll postpone Niagara Falls for a weekend in early Sept. Mimi has been there and done all the touristy things, so it wouldn’t be a big deal for her.
So, while we haven’t done this goal yet, it will be done…

And there you have it! But when we look at what I haven’t got done, let’s spare a moment to look at what else I HAVE got done.
Not only did I sell the house, I sold her car. I also bought a car of my own. I had a wonderful trip to Kansas City. I have had some great shopping trips with my kids. And truly, all three of us are very aware that this is a far better summer than the one we had last year, even though we may not have done much as a family yet. We are happy, and that’s what counts.

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