*drags self in, exhausted, drained, but determined to blog, just for Dawn….*

It’s Monday. And you may recall in the last blog entry I posted the following:

So on Monday morning I have to:
– phone the auto wrecker and arrange for him to pick up the car
– phone my lawyer and have him start on the closing paperwork for the house
– phone an antique dealer to come look at the few pieces of furniture in case any of it is good
– call and cancel the bulk pickup I had scheduled
– go buy a car

That sounded pretty optimistic, didn’t it. I mean, seriously, could anyone actually DO all that in one day?

I did.

I called my lawyer and got him started on the house sale stuff. I called a wrecker, and he came and got the car this morning. Now I just need to deposit the check he gave me.  I contacted an antique dealer and she will come by later this week, probably Wed to see what we have.  I cancelled the bulk pickup. And I bought a car. Not only did I buy the car, I also arranged for insurance for the car, which was a bit of a worry for me. I was afraid I might not qualify.

So I bought a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. It’s dark blue, with a tan interior, and I love it. 🙂

And Andre has an interview tomorrow for the potential job….we’ll wait and see.

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One Response to *drags self in, exhausted, drained, but determined to blog, just for Dawn….*

  1. Dawn says:

    Realized that I had not replied to this, so I wanted to make good on my promise that I would. And though I know you say you did this “just for me”, you should know I’m not the only one who sits with abated breath waiting on the newest posts….. we love you and love hearing about your days, your life, and the way everything is progressing.

    Besides, now you and I are bonded with December 22nd and so you’re stuck with me, kid!
    Love ya

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