Catching up 2


Yeah, this was Springfield day. Memorable, if I do say so myself. Our rental car died. When we pulled into a parking spot at the motel Sunday evening, it slipped out of gear and wouldn’t go back in. We couldn’t move it in any gear – it just revved like it was in neutral. Finally we shut it off, started it up again, and it went into gear so we were able to park it. The next morning it did the same thing, and we figured there was no way we were going to try to get anywhere with it, so I called Enterprise’s roadside assistance. The lady there was fantastic. She had a tow truck to us within about 15 minutes, and had the staff at the local Enterprise searching around for a car for us. The problem was, it was a Monday morning, so they were waiting on cars to be returned from the weekend AND there seemed to be an unexpected rush of people wanting to rent cars, so there were three people ahead of us. However, they had us on our way within about an hour and a half, so that’s not too bad, all things considered.

We headed for Lincoln’s home in Springfield. This was pretty cool. There’s a neighbourhood of old homes that have been renovated to be as they would have been when the Lincoln’s lived here, and the whole area is a museum site. Guided tours are offered of the neighbourhood, and also of the home. Tours are free, but you pay $2 per hour for parking. Um, ok, that’s different. We thoroughly enjoyed both tours, and had a lovely time poking around on our own after the tour. Then it was off to Chicago, only a couple hours away.

We started on the waterfront, going out on the pier where the various museums are, then moving over to Navy Pier. On the spur of the moment we paid for a boat cruise that was leaving in ten minutes, and had a lovely time out on the water. We had dinner at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Bar and Grille, then went on the massive ferris wheel and had a gorgeous view of the city scape. By this point we were both pretty exhausted, so we found a motel just outside the city and crashed.

Tues morning we drove through Chicago, taking pictures of some of the neat buildings, then headed towards home. We drove into Michigan, and could’ve come all the way home, but decided to stop in Ann Arbour for the night to avoid arriving home really late. On Wed we crossed over the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor and arrived home around lunchtime, just in time to take our rental car back. The customs official at the border was a bit confused as to why two Canadians were returning in a car with Ohio plates that we claimed was rented in Illinois…thankfully everything was noted in full on my copy of the rental agreement, so he let us in!

Andre stayed here Wed night, then on Thurs morning I took him back to the train station to head for home. And that’s when things got busy for me….

I’m honestly not sure what happened on which day, so I’ll just touch on everything that’s happened since. I met with Iain to sign the forms that give him full access to my mom’s taxation stuff, so he can sort out her taxes. I also met with his financial planner, Mike, and felt really comfortable with him. He went through tons of stuff with me, and really made me aware of just how little I know. He left me with some homework regarding my mortgage, which I have done! I also met with Shirley to list my mom’s house, and the next day went to the house with her so she could measure rooms. Which proved to be a waste of time because the property was shown today and we had three offers. More on that later. I also phoned and talked with a family lawyer regarding separation and divorce, and I have an appointment to meet with him on Thursday morning. He also gave me homework to prepare for our meeting, which I have done already! Go me! I talked with an auto wrecker to determine how much they would give me for mom’s car, then left yet another message with her neighbour who supposedly wants it. If I don’t hear from him by Monday morning I’ll call the wrecker back and make arrangements with him to come get it. And I…oh, wait, I think that’s it.

Now, about the house. Long story short, we had three offers already, and I have accepted the middle one. The offers were $75K, $71K and $68K. I took the middle one because it had the shortest closing date, and because he specified that he would take the property as is, and that I did not have to do anything to deal with whatever is left in the house! Frankly, it’s worth it to me to take $4K less to spare myself the frustration and time of dealing with that basement and shed! So – the house is sold, closing date is July 29th.

So on Monday morning I have to:
– phone the auto wrecker and arrange for him to pick up the car
– phone my lawyer and have him start on the closing paperwork for the house
– phone an antique dealer to come look at the few pieces of furniture in case any of it is good
– call and cancel the bulk pickup I had scheduled
– go buy a car

And in other news…Andre had been talking with Brenda about the possibility of getting a job at the factory where she works, and she’s going to contact the person who arranges things with the recruiter. So there’s a possibility he might end up working in town. We haven’t really sorted out details, but it’s four 10 hour shifts, so he’d likely stay here while he’s working, then go home weekends – essentially the opposite of what he does now. We’ve agreed we’re not moving in together – neither of us are ready for that – but this will give us a chance to spend more time together and see how it goes.

And I think that pretty much brings us all up to date on my life, such as it is….

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  1. Dawn says:

    I LOVE IT!

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