Trying to catch up…

So much has happened the past few days, I just haven’t had time to blog! We’ve been travelling more and by the time we hit a hotel for the night, I just want to sleep, so I get online long enough to check facebook and that’s it. But I”ll try to at least update a little bit here now.


This was our big day in Kansas City. In the morning we attended the “Megasing” in the Power and Light district. This is exactly as it sounds – a whole lot of people in an open area, singing in harmony. They started with the Canadian and US national anthems, then moved on to what they seem to call “Polecats” which are old standard barbershop songs that everyone is expected to know. Except of course me, because I don’t do the whole barbershop thing. It was about a million degrees out, but it was so much fun to watch and listen to the harmony. That lasted about a half hour, then we headed down to the river district to find the Steamship Arabia.

Long story short, she was a fully loaded steamship that sank in the Missouri River and was promptly buried in the mud. Over the years the river shifted course, and was eventually moved deliberately by the army corps of engineers, and the Arabia was lost. In the late 1980’s she was researched and dug up by an inexperienced group of history buffs. They found her, still fully loaded and remarkably well preserved! The mud had preserved nearly everything on her, so she is a picture of life in the 1850s. Her cargo was retrieved and it has taken over 20 years for them to restore and preserve all of it to be on display in a private family museum. It was utterly fascinating to walk through and see all the items that had been retrieved! Do take a moment to visit the link I provided and have a look see!

That evening was the quartet finals. This was the top ten, and was an evening of incredible entertainment. The singing was top notch, very professional, and thoroughly enjoyable! A late evening though, as we got back to the hotel well after 11pm.


Checkout day – since we really didn’t want to attend the church service….
However, we had made arrangements to have breakfast with Becky and her family at their favourite restaurant called Kate’s Kitchen. We had a lovely time, and I truly didn’t want to leave, but we had to.

We headed back towards St Louis to visit the Meramec Caverns, supposedly the hideout of Jesse James. There is some conclusive proof that he and his gang did indeed use the caves as a hideout, so I guess they can be allowed to continue claiming that, lol. Regardless, it was BEAUTIFUL! The rock formations were breathtaking, the information the guide provided was amusing and informative, and we both had a great time and learned lots of new stuff.  I would recommend this to anyone visiting the area.

Then it was time to move along towards Chicago, so we headed north and found  motel in Springfield Illinois. More about Springfield next entry….

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