One other thing….

I keep forgetting to mention the shuttle service here. When they said they would be running shuttle service between the hotels and the Sprint Center, where all the performances are being held, I just assumed they were talking about standard hotel shuttle service vehicles. You know, like baby school buses, only air conditioned. I was wrong.

When we got here, there were three of the large, luxurious coach buses sitting at the side of the road across from the hotel. (you know, the ones I want to drive someday!) I just assumed they were dropping off a group of people from somewhere or other…Well, yes, they were, but not quite how I had thought! These were our shuttle buses. Yep, every time we’ve wanted to go to the Sprint Center or back, we’ve been able to ride one of these fancy things the whole five blocks. Yeah, I know, five blocks. But when the average age of the people at this convention seems to be about 75, those are five long blocks. And honestly, it is uphill coming back.

The weird thing about downtown Kansas City is how totally dead it is. It’s like a ghost town here. Yes, there are lots of people wandering around, but it seems like every single one of them is sporting a Barbershop Society name badge! Every restaurant we’ve gone in has been occupied solely by barbershoppers. Where are all the native Missourians? Are there any? Cause they’re sure not downtown!

I alos rather imagine many of the other ladies here must be a bit frustrated with the serious lack of shopping facilities. Doesn’t really bother me, since I’m not much for shopping, and I’ve been spending my time watching the singing. Mind you, it’s all new to me, and many of the other women here have been dragged to this kind of thing several times a year for many years! But I really would kind of like to find something to take home for my kids, and so far, I haven’t found any place to shop. Other than little coffee shops , there’s not much here. Becky has given me gifts to take to them, so at least I won’t be going home totally empy handed, but still!

Otherwise everything is going well. We watched some of the chorus competition this morning, and then Andre had to go for photos and rehearsal with his chorus, so I stayed with the other two ladies and watched some more, then came back to the hotel (on the comfy bus) to have a bit of quiet time….and I got to my room just as maid service arrived. So as I type this the maid is fluffing about making the bed and cleaning the bathroom – although it’s not quite the quiet I had anticipated, I could soooo get used to this!

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