Choruses all done!

It’s been a very long day. Watched choruses part of the morning, had a break while Andre rehearsed, went for an early dinner, and watched the rest of the choruses from 4 – 8:30. Andre’s chorus was on second last, right after the Toronto chorus. His chorus is much smaller, which affected the sound, but their harmonies sounded great! Mind you, I know nothing about all of this, but I know what sounds good to me, and I thought they sounded good. Then again, maybe I’m just biased, lol.

It’s been a long week, very busy, and tomorrow is more of the same, I think. There’s a mega sing – anyone who wants to goes to this park area and they have a mass sing song – or at least, that’s what it sounds like! Andre wants to go to that, and also to the Sing with the Champs. Tomorrow night is teh quartet finals, which should be really good, with a preshow that looks interesting.

But for now – time to crash. My pillow is calling me very loudly. Night.

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