If this is Thursday, it must be quartet day

Today was quartets, quartets and more quartets. We watched the top 20 compete again for a spot in the top 10, which we will watch on Sat night. The highlight of the day was a comedy quartet who sang a hilarious number about old mcdonalds deformed farm, with lisping snakes – hith – and narcolepsic pigs – snore – dyslexic cats – woem – and ADD dogs – with a woof woof here and a woof woof there here a woof, there a – SQUIRREL! I guess it loses something in the writing, but trust me, it was hilarious and everyone in the hall was howling laughing.

This evening we went to visit Becky for dinner. I don’t even know how to put this into words. I was so thrilled to see Chloe for the first time, and even to be able to hold her and hug her, something I certainly never expected to do. This is a little girl who was given very little hope of living past her first birthday, and she is about to turn 11 next month. I have followed Chloe’s journey from just a few days after her birth, and to finally be able to meet her was a high point in my life.

Oh, and Becky was there too, but I’ve met her before. She came up for Marsha’s funeral, and we spent time together then. We had a wonderful evening together. Andre and Corey hit it off, talking about financial stuff that had me and Becky fleeing the room for some ‘girl time’. We’ve decided to meet up again on Sunday morning for breakfast before Andre and I head out to Chicago.

But for now – time to crash. It’s been a long and excting day, and I’m exhausted. Night all.

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