Kansas City Road Trip

First up, to explain how this all came about…. a few weeks ago Andre had said it would be great if I could accompany him to a barbershop competition in Kansas City. Problem was, he couldn’t afford to take me, and I couldn’t afford to go. However, the lawyer had promised me the estate would be settled by the end of June, and I would have access to mom’s money, and surely he had to hit it right at least once, right?
Well, for once, he was right. He phoned me on Tues, had me into sign and pick up the final papers on Wed, and had the first of mom’s accounts transferred over to my bank account by late Thurs, so I very rapidly made plans to leave with Andre for Kansas City Monday afternoon!

Long story short, Sean is staying in Sarnia with Paul and his girlfriend, while Brianna is staying home alone because she has summer school. She has a support network to take care of her, and I’m only a facebook message or text away.

We rented a car, intending to get economy class, but they didn’t have any available so we were upgraded to an Impala at no extra charge. Now, maybe it’s me, but I find this car incredibly uncomfortable to drive. By the end of the first 5 hour stint of driving, my back was killing me! I had played with the seat, trying to make it better, but it seemed nothing helped. I was so glad when Andre took over driving! Passenger seat seemed much more comfy, oddly enough.

We dropped Sean off in Sarnia with Paul and crossed over the Bluewater Bridge into Port Huron. We drove through Detroit, Toledo, and Dayton, then headed west through – oh, I have no idea, I think I slept through that part. We drove till nearly midnight, then crashed at an Econolodge somewhere in Indiana, heading out the next morning.

Since the weather was so beautiful, and we really didn’t HAVE  to be in KC early, unless we wanted to see the collegiate competitions, we decided to stop in St Louis and go up the arch. I was nonplussed, since I’d never even heard of the thing before – kind of like the Jet d’Eau in Geneva, lol, – but it turned out to be quite interesting. It’s a memorial to Thomas Jefferson and westward expansion. I believe it’s 730 ft high, and you can access the top of it in these funky little tram cars. Well, they call them cars but they’re really more like little pods.  I was really surprised how little viewing space there really was at the top, given the fact that we’d just waited nearly two hours to get up there! Going on the day after the fourth of July, and on a day when there was a Cardinals game on, was NOT wise. And the windows at the top were so tiny! You sort of had to lean right over on your stomach on the bulkhead thing to be able to see out. Mind you, the view was incredible! I have photos that I”ll upload to facebook when I get home – I can’t figure out how to get them off Andre’s computer. He’s uploaded an album of them, and I’ve shared a few on facebook, but all my pics will have to wait till I’m home.

By the time we left St Louis, it was getting into rush hour, and just outside St Louis we ran into really heavy traffic – as in, not moving at all traffic. Since it was getting late, we decided to just stop for dinner – we needed to eat anyway – in the hopes that the traffic would’ve eased by the time we were done. And it had. It was still heavy, but at least it was moving.

We got into Kansas City after 9, and it was not a good experience on many levels. First off, I was driving because I knew Andre wanted to film entering the city – it’s what he does. However. I don’t much like driving at night. Nor do I like driving in a strange city. Nor do I like driving through construction. And when the exit you think you want is closed….it gets ugly. Add in the fact that Andre and I have radically different driving styles – he thinks I drive too fast – and it’s a recipe for disaster. And of course he wanted me to turn on the interior light, but while driving I absolutely could not find it or figure out how to turn it on. I actually yelled at him once, using language I never normally use, and finally I pulled over and told him to drive. See, if we had known exactly what exit to get off at, and what street it was, I”d have been fine, and I just assumed that Mr Directions was going to provide me with that, so I didn’t bother checking out the maps of KC to figure it out for myself. Mistake. The map we had been given wasn’t clearly marked, and the exit it indicated to get off was actually closed off, so we had to reroute. Where we ended up rerouting through wasn’t on the little map we had, so – and are you listening very closely? – after Andre took over driving (and I was sitting in the passenger seat fuming) he – get this – stopped to ask directions.

Did you read that?

Yes. A man stopped to ask for directions. That sudden chill in the air you felt last night was caused by hell freezing over as a man stopped to ask for directions.

There’s a reason we women ask for directions. Once he did, we were at our hotel within 5 minutes.

Our room is on the 17th floor, and there’s an amazing view out the window! We’re overlooking the airport – or an airport, not sure which one. Haven’t seen any planes taking off yet, so it can’t be major. I have to bitch about the room though. The little Econolodge we stopped at in Indiana had free wi-fi, a fridge and microwave in the room, a hair dryer in the bathroom, free continental breakfast, and all sorts of little extras. It was $50 for the night. We’re paying a lot more than that here at the Marriott, and we have no fridge, no microwave, no hair dryer, and the wi fi is costing us $9 a day. Oh – and let’s not forget the $13 per day for parking! Not at all impressed.

Andre is off at a rehearsal now. He said I could go, but I figured I’d be the only woman there – likely the rest are out shopping up a storm, and I did all that before I left home. When he gets back, I think we’re going to go over to the Sprint Center to watch the quartet competitions for a while.  Meanwhile, I”m going to enjoy some quiet time.

Oh, and the latest romantic comment from Andre? As we were nearing the hotel last night he looked over at me and said with a laugh, “You’re cute when you’re mad.” The jury is very much still undecided if I should hug him for that, or slaughter him in his sleep.

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  1. princesslala15 says:

    …are you messing with my brainz? He asked for directions?!?

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