Update…another one just for Dawn…

Ok, so it was pointed out to me that I haven’t been updating regularly…so here goes…

I spoke with the lawyer last week. It seems he has neglected to include one of the papers needed for my application for administration of mom’s estate, so I had to go back in to sign it so the application can be re-submitted to the judge. I had a really rough afternoon dealing with that. I had thought we were right at the end, and that I’d be getting my letter any day, and to find out we still have to have the application approved – I was very upset. Once again he has assured me that it will only be two weeks. This time I pointed out that in two weeks from the day we were meeting I would be unemployed for the summer, and that with the difficulty I was having making ends meet already, life was looking pretty grim. He all but guaranteed me that I’d have my letter by the end of June. Gods, I hope he’s right!

This is pretty good. Andre has been down every weekend since the holiday one in May. Sometimes he’s only been able to stay 24 hours, depending on work, but a couple times he’s been here the entire weekend, which has been nice. The kids really like him, he gets along well with them, and I’m happy. He’s told me in definitive terms that he’s in this for the long term, and that he doesn’t consider me a “short term distraction”, lol. I found that an amusing way to put it. He’s funny that way. He comes out with rather romantic things, but words them in such a way that it leaves me blinking and sorting out what he meant. The night he told me he loves me – we were talking about random stuff, I honestly don’t even remember what, and he said, totally out of the blue, “By the way, I do love you, you know that, don’t you?” Not quite the declaration of love most women would expect, but seriously adorable nonetheless.
Or he’ll say sweet things at a very unexpected time. For example, Tom and Cheryl were here one evening and we were talking about someone we knew who is separating from her husband. I commented that there seems to be a lot of that going on. Andre tossed in the comment, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you.” Totally unexpected, but really sweet.

It’s crystal clear and beautiful. Damn, I’m good!

Don’t ask. Just don’t ask. I admitted defeat on the grass, and have hired back my lawn guy, even though I can’t really afford it. I have also decided that high on the list of things to do once I have money is call in a landscaping company and get them to FIX my backyard so it looks nice and doesn’t take any work on my part. I want a new patio laid, the pond filled in, and whatever else they suggest to make it nice.

Everything is just fine at work. I’ve had some really fun charters, with a neat one coming up on Thursday to a family fun park and zoo down in the Niagara area. It’s an 8 hour charter, they’re covering my afternoon route because I won’t be back in time, and I get to stay with the group! Squee!

Staying the same. Which is ok. I’ve lost a total of 30 pounds, and am happy. Yes, I will lose more, but staying the same for the moment is acceptable.

Doing well, both of them. Mind you, it seems Brianna will have to attend summer school for math, but we can’t figure out whether it’ll be the two week upgrade or the full four week course re-do….
And we found out today that Sean will have M Yelle as a teacher next year – Brianna’s former grade 8 teacher. This is a very good thing. Sean will do very well with him.

And I think that’s it…I promise to try to update more often, and make it more interesting.

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