Happy Mother’s Day.

It’s been an interesting Mother’s Day, to say the least. I’d kind of been hoping it would just pass me by, and I could ignore it. I didn’t figure Paul would’ve taken the kids out to get me anything, and they’re both past the age where they make cool stuff in school to give their moms, so I knew better than to expect anything. I also was trying to ignore the fact that it’s my first Mother’s Day without my mom, and also my first Mother’s Day not being married to my kids’ father….see what I mean when I say I was hoping the day would just slide by?

Well, shortly after I got up Sean found me in the kitchen and gave me a big Mother’s Day hug, which truly is all the gift I need. I hoped that would be it. Andre and I went out for breakfast (forgot to mention he spent the weekend here – no, actually, there was no ‘forgetting’ about it, I deliberately haven’t mentioned much about him). The kids didn’t go because there’s never anything on a breakfast menu they would eat, and neither he nor I have a whole lot of money, so we were planning to go Dutch. Till the bills came and he whisked mine out of my hand saying, “It’s Mother’s Day, I should treat you to breakfast.” How sweet is that.

I managed to pretty much ignore the day until I got back from taking Andre back to the train station so he could go home in plenty of time to visit his own mom. Then for some reason it hit me all at once and I spent the next half hour or so crying.  Bizarre as it sounds, I actually miss my mom. And it’s no surprise that I still miss my mother in law. And with this being the first Mother’s Day separated….well, that was just the icing on the cake.

I’m ok, I’ll survive, I always do, but it’s been a very strange day.

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