On life with Brianna…or, the strange conversations we have.

Yesterday, being Sunday, my daughter was busy doing homework. For some reason she has an aversion to allowing me to see her doing homework, so it’s a rare sight, but yesterday I got to see it! Mid afternoon she commandeered one of the computers for her research and called up information on the Pirate Party of Canada. Yes, Virginia, there really is a Pirate Party of Canada. It’s a real, honest to goodness political party.  And then Brianna got quite distraught because she couldn’t find a thumb drive with some Very Important Research. She KNEW she had left it on the computer desk. After much drama and pseudo-searching on her part, I located the absentee thumb drive – inserted into her computer. She has no idea HOW it got there; SHE certainly didn’t put it there, etc etc etc. At which point we had the following interchange:

Me: Well, if you WILL work on a project the day before its due –
Me: (calmly) Because you’re working on it today.
Brianna: Oh.

I mean, seriously, how else do parents know when their kids’ assignments are due? Because the kid is working on it the day before. It’s a rule. You absolutely cannot work on any assignment until the day before it is due.

Fast forward to this morning. She and I were sorting laundry, and talking about Andre coming  for the weekend. There was a lull in conversation, then I said, “You know what I really want?”
She didn’t miss a beat, and without even looking up replied questioningly, “Skanky lingerie?”
We both froze in place. I was stunned. What on earth had she said? But it seemed she was having the same response. She looked at me with an expression of shock on her face, and immediately said, “I have no idea where THAT came from!” Needless to say, we both collapsed laughing – her more so at the thought that her mother would ever even consider wearing ‘skanky lingerie’ than anything else, lol. She tried to explain it off by saying that since we had been talking about Andre, and sorting underwear, her mind just sort of connected the two. Um, yeah, right sweetie, you’re not digging yourself out much.

And the really weird thing? I truly have no idea what it was that I was going to tell her I really wanted. My shock at the skanky comment drove it completely and permanently out of my head.

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