My daughter and I went for a walk today. It was necessary because I wasn’t a good girl food-wise today. I was driving much of the day in short bursts with an hour between each one, not enough time to come home, not enough time to do much of anything. My lunch was french fries from the chip wagon, and my dinner was chicken nuggets and fries. How wonderfully healthy, and good for the weight loss efforts!

So, the walk. We started off with ipods. I didn’t want to – I mean, what’s the point of walking together if you’re both isolated with your ipods? – but oh well, it’s what she wanted. However she surprised me as we went down the driveway by grabbing my hand and holding on tight. Then when we got to the sidewalk, she started to skip. So I skipped. Really, I had no choice; she had a death grip on my hand! And we skipped the whole block, hand in hand,  giggling hysterically the whole way. And then we laughed the entire next block because we thought it was so funny. And when we got on the dike, there were so many people out, and for some reason we decided to talk in French. By this point we each only had one head phone in, so we could converse easily. And we switched back and forth in our conversation from English to French through the whole walk. It was fun.

Two things stood out. As we were skipping, and then laughing as we crossed the road, the thought shot through my head – I am happy. It surprised me, because I haven’t felt that way for a long time – that sudden realization that at that precise moment in time, the only thing you are feeling is profound happiness. Yeah, the other crap is still around, but for just that moment, happiness took over, bringing hope.

The second thing is – we maybe shouldn’t have skipped. Somehow I landed badly on my left foot and now it’s really hurting. However, this is one of those instances where the pain is worth it.  As Garth sings, “I could’ve missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance”, or in this case, the skip and the happiness it brought.

So if you see me limping around, know that the limp was caused by happiness.

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One Response to Ouch

  1. Heather Smedley says:

    lovely! I’m so glad for you to be happy….not that you hurt your foot, though.

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