What a beautiful day!

The weather was simply gorgeous here! I took some time this morning and cleaned out my van. I’ve been wanting to get to it for ages, and it was finally time. I cleared out all the garbage, vacuumed the floor, windexed all the dash, and even washed the windows on the inside – just the front ones, mind you. And then as a coup de grace, I sprayed Febreeze on all the upholstery!

After a short break I then swept the back steps and cleared away all the winter debris from around the porch. Didn’t seem to take nearly as long as it usually does, no idea why.

After another short break, I ventured into the garage and found one of the air compressors. I figured out how it worked, opened up the main garage door and proceeded to pump up all of our bicycle tires so we could go for a ride! Brianna was headed for Josh’s, so I took her over there, then Sean and I went out for the first bike ride of the season! We went across the river, where it had been flooded. There’s a fair bit of flood damage, so the trail was very bumpy, and I just know my butt and shoulders are not going to be happy with me tomorrow!

And Paul came by to spend some time with Sean while I was out this evening, AND he took with him one of the big boxes of clothing I had packed up, plus a bag of assorted odds and ends I have been collecting of his, PLUS all of his spring coats from the closet, AND as if that weren’t enough, he also took the CD rack I had suggested he take with the CDs I had set aside knowing he’d want them! Major decluttering victory here today!

I had a date tonight with a very nice gentleman who brought me flowers, paid for my movie, and didn’t even try to kiss me goodnight! Only catch is, as nice and charming as he is, I’m just not attracted to him. He’d make a wonderful friend, but nothing more. And I feel kind of bad about that because he IS so nice.

Overall, it was a wonderful day, lots of positives, and I’m feeling pretty good about everything. That could, of course, change at a moment’s notice, but for now I’ll enjoy it.

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