On Glass and Pennies

Yesterday morning I was minding my own business, proceeding with my bus route as usual, and was nearly to my final school, when I heard a sudden, very alarming CRASH. Now, this wasn’t just a normal CRASH. This CRASH was accompanied by the unmistakable sounds of tinkling broken glass. So not what one wants to hear on one’s bus full of children.

I bit back the first words that came to mind, which were “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???” and tempered it to “What was THAT?”

“Kolton’s  money!” came the reply.

His money? Yep, that was right. The poor kid, in grade one, had brought his little piggy bank – a glass jar half full of pennies. The jar was now shattered on the floor, and the pennies were covered in wicked looking shards of glass. As soon as they told me what it was, I had told the kids not to even think about touching anything, and just to wait till we got to the school so I could see what was going on. Poor Kolton was so upset. I got the rest of the kids off the bus, checked out the mess, and told Kolton I would clean it all up, not to worry, and that I would try to save as many of his pennies from the glass as I could, and I would give them to him after school. Off he went, happy again – more or less.

True to my word, I used gloves and picked out all the pennies, which I put in a plastic baggie, and then I cleaned up the glass. After school I gave Kolton his pennies, but told him to have his mom rinse them off in case there were any tiny bits of glass in with them. Kolton was happy once more.

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