April Fools…

Yesterday, as you know, was April Fools Day. And every year I try to get my bus kids. Last year was probably the best, with my tale of the new driver named Bubba. It was going to be hard to top that, and I don’t think I succeeded.
After much thought I ended up re-doing the seating plan for the morning, putting the grade 8s, who usually sit at the very back, in the front seats, and putting the kindergartens, who usually sit at the front, all the way to the back.
The little ones didn’t quite get it, and the older kids were outraged at having to sit in the front seats, but everyone in the middle parts thought it was great fun.
At one of my stops, where 22 kids get on, and there are a number of parents who wait with their kids, one mom came rushing to the door of the bus to tell me her daughter had missed her seat and was heading to the back! I tried to tell her, without actually SAYING, what the deal was, and it was funny to see her face when the light suddenly went on and she realized the date!
I had done signs exactly the same as the existing ones, but with just grade numbers instead of specific names, and Brianna taped them all up carefully while I was doing my circle check. She did a great job putting them up so I could take them down again quickly and without damaging the original ones we had left underneath.
But now the big question….what on earth am I going to do next year???

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