National Scrapbooking Day

Today was Julie’s National Scrapbooking Day all day crop out in Mt Pleasant. I had hoped to go with Brenda, but she had another family thing to go to, so I had to go alone. Not so much fun, that, however Julie seated me with a table of people I knew and got along well with, so it was good. We had some laughs, and spent the day creating together.

My first order of business was to finish the childhood album I had begun for Paul last year at NSD. I only had a couple of pages to go, and had been waiting for him to scan and print copies of the pictures I wanted. I finally decided to just go ahead and use the original pictures to complete the album. I knew I couldn’t work on it at home, or I’d spend the whole time crying, so I decided it would be my priority today. And I did it. The final two pages are done and I will pack it into one of the boxes for him to take at some point.

I was pretty proud of myself for doing that. But what I found odd was the number of people who were astounded that I had even tried. The general reaction was either ‘I wouldn’t have done that’ or ‘I couldn’t have done that’. Why not? It was something I had been working on for him, it was a work of art for me, a challenge, how could I not finish it? And why wouldn’t I? It would hardly be fair to just hand him the album, some paper and the photos, shrug and say, have fun. Yeah, I know, pretty much everyone out there thinks he hasn’t been fair to me, and I guess they’re right, but why should I let it make me bitter and miserable? Finishing the album was the right thing to do, and now it’s off my shelf and can move on to its new home. And we all know I always try to do the right thing.

Lunch was delicious today. Only catch was the plastic spoons. I hate plastic spoons. I always seem to get the plastic spoon with a sharp edge on it, and end up with a cut lip. Today was no exception. The meatball stew was yummy, but the spoon cut my lip. Sigh.

Other than the Paul pages, I did get four more layouts done. Oddly, three of those were for Brianna’s album and one for Sean’s. I have pictures next to do of our visit to Cloyne last summer, and then I’m going to have to break down and get the next 300 pictures printed that are waiting on the chip….Next pay.

Tonight Brianna is going to colour my hair.

Overall, a good day!

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