Popping in…

Just a note to say I’m alive, after a very difficult week emotionally. Everything just all piled up on me and I came rather close to breaking down completely, I think. However, thanks to some wonderful friends who let me cry all over them, I made it through that glitch and will soldier on to make it through the next one….and the one after that…and the one after that.

Today was a pretty good day – oh, wait, it’s only half over! Sweet! This morning Brianna and I loaded our 12 boxes of cast off books into the van – into the side, because of course the handle on the back is broken, sigh – and we headed off to the home of this year’s BSO Book Fair to donate them! The nice gentlemen there were most pleased to see us – and the other gentleman who pulled in behind us and shared our cart, but he only had two boxes of books! Job well done!

I even fed my kids today! Damn, I’m good!

After lunch I pondered – walk or clean? I decided the walk could wait a bit, and headed to the furnace room. The plan was simple – go through everything in there and try to determine if the empty boxes are for items still working or not. I found empty boxes for stuff we no longer have. I found boxes of brand new merchandise that Paul has acquired for whatever purpose. I found a massive pile of unused electronic items – satellite receivers, stereo receivers, etc, which I have set to one side to ask Paul about. So far I have produced three bags of garbage, and that’s only from one shelving unit, a table and a corner….and honest, it’s not like my mom’s where we threw EVERYTHING  out. This time I’m making certain it truly should not be in my house before it gets tossed. I’m actually quite pleased with myself for some of the stuff I’ve identified. For example – I found an empty box for a GPS. On looking closely, I thought it was the GPS that’s at the bottom of a bag of stuff I’ve been waiting about a year for Paul to sort. And it was! So I packed it neatly back in its box and left it on the pile of full boxes for him to pass judgement on. Someday.

And now, I shall head out for that walk and enjoy the sunshine!

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2 Responses to Popping in…

  1. Dawn says:

    It was right of you to pop in here and update. You should know the maximum allotted time for you to NOT go between posting is 4 days. However, we would obviously like it to be less and do realize that oftentimes you don’t think you have anything worth writing. Some of us love your manic musings and thrive on reading them and enjoy even a brief one-liner saying “doing great, enjoying the sunshine and loving my friends”… Just so you know.

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