Short update

I got a message from a friend asking if I was ok, since I hadn’t updated here at all lately. Sorry everyone, it’s just that there’s really nothing going on to report on. Do you really want to know that I have peanut butter on toast every morning for breakfast? Or how many loads of laundry I do on a daily basis? I didn’t think so.
So really, there’s nothing new to talk about. But I’m ok. I’ve had a few rough days, but I’ve survived them, and am doing fine.
On the one hand, looking forward to March Break next week and getting to sleep in, on the other hand, not looking forward to the loss of pay for the week….Oh well.

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One Response to Short update

  1. bats says:

    LOL too right we do .. ! 😛
    Is the peanut butter smooth or crunchy ?

    Sue, we care about you, if you vanish on here , some of us can’t just drive over and see if you are ok .. and be there to give you a big hug xx

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