Yeah,  that pretty much describes my life. Meh. About covers it.

In alphabetical order…

Clothes – This is a problem. I’ve been losing weight and things aren’t fitting. I don’t have a whole lot to wear that fits nicely. And since I’m dating (see dating comment), sort of, I kind of want to look at least somewhat put together. However, new clothes take money (see money comment) which is in short supply.

Crying – yeah, been doing lots of that. I think all the long term stress and general depressing crap is getting the better of me, at least, right at the moment, so there’s a whole lot of crying going on. And we’ve just got through Feb, which is the most depressing month in the year, for me anyway.

Dating front – are there any men out there who don’t want sex on the second date? First date is great, you get along fine, you think they have potential, then you discover all they want is sex. Or is it just me? Do I telegraph “desperate to get laid” or something equally bizarre? I hardly think I’m every man’s dream girl, but both guys I’ve dated haven’t got past the second date without wanting to carry me off to their bedroom. And what really pisses me off is that I quite liked both of them, up to that point! I’m starting to feel like it’s the flavour of the month club here – which guy is Sue going to date this month, and how many dates will it take before they call it quits because she doesn’t put out? Doesn’t do much for the self esteem here.

Exercise – yes, I’m getting it. Got out for walks along the river a few days, which was nice, but after the thaw and freeze, it’s treacherous out there so I’m back to Walking Away The Pounds. And they’re being walked off. See weight comment later.

Kids – nothing new. Sean’s supposed to be going to a camp in March Break and he’s refusing, even though it’s indoors and with flushable toilets. Otherwise he’s fine. Brianna’s doing fine. She’s joined a girls ‘barbershop’ singing group at school. The music department started a male harmonic chorus a couple years ago, and these guys are good! Think Straight No Chaser and you get the picture. They’re always a hit at the band concerts. This year they decided to start up a girls chorus, and Brianna and her friend Monica joined. She absolutely loves it. The other day there was an all-day workshop at the school for the girls, and a group came in from a school in Guelph. In the evening there was a concert at which the male chorus performed, along with two champion women’s groups and a couple of actual quartets. Then the girls who had been in the workshop performed. There must have been close to a hundred of them, and it was really good! Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. For a change.

Lawyer – no news whatsoever. No idea if progress is being made, but considering he said he would have me in to sign the papers last week, and we’re now halfway through this week….not looking good.

Money – see comment on lawyer. Otherwise, I don’t have any.

Scrapbooking – I got a note from Julie that someone has paid for me to attend the all day crop in March that I was planning to go to with Brenda. Shortly after that I found out that Brenda can’t go. Not much point in going alone, is there. Yeah, I know, I should be getting out and doing things, but really, I don’t feel like it.

Van – is making a strange noise in the engine. Might just be that it needs oil, but it doesn’t sound quite like that. Hope nothing happens to it, or I’m royally screwed.

Weather – too fucking cold.

Weight – dropping like a stone. The only good side effect of depression, stress and general overall unhappiness. As of last weigh in on Friday, 18 pounds gone. As of weigh in this morning, which doesn’t actually count, I’ve lost another 3 this week. Too much, too fast. I guess I shouldn’t complain though!

Work – going great, except that there are virtually no charters. Which I need. See money comment above.

And there you have it. Meh. I told you so.

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One Response to Meh

  1. Heather Smedley says:

    At least you LOSE weight when you’re depressed:) I don’t! I just eat everything that isn’t moving 😦

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