The plot thickens…

Remember that post a while back about all the people popping back into my life? It’s continuing.

I got a facebook friend request – and isn’t THAT a common theme! – from my old friend Heather. We had parted ways a number of years ago, when I disapproved of something she was doing. I missed her, because we had known one another for such a long time, and we had been such close friends. And I didn’t think she liked me anymore.

Yet when her friend request came in, I sat and looked at it for a very long time. I couldn’t ignore the co-incidence of it showing up so soon after I had written the blog entry about all the people coming back into my life. How bizarre. I had to accept it.

Long story short, we met for lunch today and had a lovely time. We are ironing out the past, and moving forward. The relationship will not be the same as it once was, but it will be. And we will work on it and sort it out.

So, universe, who’s next?

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