What a beautiful day!

Oh, it was gorgeous out today! 10 degrees, sunny, a bit windy, but that’s ok cause it was drying up all the water from the melting snow! The snow has taken a huge battering the past couple days with the high temperatures, and my driveway is completely snow-free! Mind you, it’s supposed to drop back down over the weekend, and snow for Monday. Oh well, at least with this taste, we know spring is coming.

I got outside for walks three days in a row! Which is so much nicer than doing the workout in the basement. I love Leslie Sansone, but I do get tired of the same thing over and over. It was a gorgeous day for a walk today, and I made the most of it, with a 45 min tromp along the river. I’m looking forward to being able to get my bike out and go off further when it gets nicer. Yeah, I may be biking alone, but oh well, it’s safe.

I”m enjoying my new bus, though it does have one quirk that’s annoying me – when I close the door, the overheads, stop arm and crossing arm don’t go off automatically, I have to use another button to turn them off. If I don’t….well, it’s very confusing for other drivers to see a school bus driving along with all its lights flashing etc…..I’m getting much better at remembering, though it came as a heck of a shock at my first stop when the lights didn’t go off! Ack, I thought, what have I done? Then I realized how it worked. Clever me.
And just for bats, I think I shall indeed take my camera over on Tues and get some photos. Though really, one bus looks pretty much the same as another, unless you know enough about them to notice the subtle differences in the shape of the front, or the length….

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One Response to What a beautiful day!

  1. bats says:

    oh i am sure you will make it “your” bus, with its own personality 😀
    And you know that i read your blog ..

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