Very excited today!

I had a very surprise gift handed to me this morning, which amazed and thrilled me. Yeah, I guess you really have to be a bus driver to appreciate this one, but here goes…

I went out to the yard this morning to fuel and to join the incredibly long line of buses waiting to have a bath. There really wasn’t any room to line up, so I parked, and announced on the radio that 716 was parked, but was in line for the wash bay right behind 337. I wasn’t sure it’d keep anyone from butting in front, but I had to try!

I went into the office to officially request my Friday off for the long weekend in May, and as I was heading in, I ran into Doug, our head mechanic. I asked ever so nicely if he could possibly do something, anything, about the ice down at our parking spot, because it’s just a skating rink with all the melting, rain and then freezing. I went in, booked my day off (Yippee!) and headed back out.

As I was going across the lot, Doug intercepted me.

“I’m going to send you home in a van.” he announced.

“Um, ok….why?” I asked.

“I want to do something with yours.”

“Do something?”

“I’m going to switch you up to a different bus, and I have to make sure the other driver’s ok with it.”

Say what? Like an idiot, I echoed, “Different bus?”

“Yeah, a newer one. The current driver’s been moved around from bus to bus, so I just want to make sure he’s ok with moving again, but this time he’ll keep your bus for the rest of the year. You’ll have 802. It’s right here.” And he walked me round to 802, giving me various engine specs and information on it that all kind of went in one ear and out the other because I had gotten myself stuck on the number and wasn’t hearing much else.

802 was a brand new bus a year ago. We have newer ones, that we got this past summer, as I’m sure everyone recalls my stories of picking up and delivering new buses, but 802 was new last year. It was brand new last year. I keep repeating that. I can’t believe I’m being moved up that much! I was a bit surprised when I got 716 in the fall, but now to be in 802??? As Brianna would say – SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

So I spent some time clearing my stuff out of 716, instead of bathing it, lol. The guy who’s taking it is actually the bus washer, so I figure he can give it a bath himself. I did leave him a full tank of fuel. I took down all my decorations, my patrol signs, my route signs, and gathered everything together at the front of the bus. Doug sent me home in a white wheelchair bus and I have to go back around 2 to move into my new bus. I’m so excited!

Guess this is kind of the incentive for me to get that new seating plan done up, eh? I’ve been putting it off for a couple months. Oh, and this bus has a radio….!


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One Response to Very excited today!

  1. bats says:

    Do we get to see inside and outside of new bus ?

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