Quick update

So I got reprimanded on Facebook because I’m not updating here often enough….sorry…I’ll try to do better.

So, first, I had tried three times last week to reach my lawyer, leaving two messages, and I finally reached him on Tuesday of this week. He assures me that the letters went out to the banks to determine the balances in the accounts, and that he was taking the stocks over to the broker that afternoon. They have all been listed in his records. He thinks it should only take another week or so till the broker has a figure for us, so he says by the end of next week he’ll have me in the office to sign the application for administration, and it should be about a week after that till it’s through court. Now, he says two weeks, I say four. We’ll see who’s right. I sure hope it’s soon though, because the property tax bill came in, and the oil bill, and also the overpayment for her teacher’s pension that I didn’t know she was getting, and therefore didn’t stop payment on….sigh.

In other news, Brianna is competing in a karate tournament on the weekend. Sean isn’t, because he’s going on a hike with the Beaver group. Luckily the leader is going to pick him up and drop him off, so I don’t have to rush out part way through the tournament. I finally broke down and agreed to keep score this time. I’ve done it before when they were desperate, but I usually try to avoid it. However, I figured I should.

Hmm…what else is new…..not a whole lot, really. I go to work, I do housework, I nap, I haul my kids wherever they have to go, I make lunches…..nothing really new and exciting.

And Dawn, Value Village is a thrift store. People donate their stuff and various charities get a percentage of the sales or profits, not sure which. It’s a chain, and the stores are usually the size of small grocery stores, so there’s lots of selection. I love shopping there. You have to have time to browse, and sometimes you walk out with nothing, other times you hit pay dirt and come home with bags of incredible deals.

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One Response to Quick update

  1. Dawn says:

    Reprimanded, I was just nicely nudging…okay, so maybe a bit of a reprimand…. 🙂 I love your writings even when they are simple as a blog, so they make me happy and I’ve needed happiness!

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