I love Value Village!

It’s that time of year again. Semi-formal time. When lovely young ladies spend a fortune on the Perfect Dress, the Perfect Shoes to match the Perfect Dress, the Perfect Hairstyle to match the Perfect Dress and the Perfect Shoes…and the list goes on. New jewellery, hair things, pantyhose, undies even! And does it ever get expensive!

This year I wasn’t sure at all how we were going to swing for a new dress, much less all the other things. We had looked at Value Village a couple weeks ago, but found nothing. However, things change there all the time, so we paid a return visit today. And we hit paydirt. She found four dresses to try on. Two would have needed slight alterations, the third simply didn’t cut it, but the fourth was simply adorable! Funnily enough, it was the first one she had taken off the rack.

So, dress down, but she wanted new shoes because the trim on the dress is black, so her sparkly silver shoes wouldn’t quite cut it. Lo and behold, we found a stunning pair of high heeled black shoes. I don’t mind buying shoes so much now that her feet have stopped growing, and a basic pair of black heels go a long way.

Dress and shoes done, she decided she needed a black shawl since the dress is strapless. Chances of finding one of those were pretty slim, I thought, but guess what? We found one! And also on the rack just below the scarves were packages of unopened pantyhose, cheaper than the dollar store even, so we snagged a black pair. And oh, what the heck, when you’re on a roll, you might as well go look and see if you can find a black bra as well. She had figured with the black trim on the dress she could wear a black bra and it would look like part of the dress. I normally don’t buy underthings at VV, but we figured it wouldn’t hurt to just look. Well….yep, we found one that looks like it’s never been worn, fits her perfectly, feels comfortable and she likes. What are the chances?

And while I was in line to pay for our loot, we snooped around on the jewellery rack and found a pretty pair of black earrings as well!

So…the total.

Dress: $17.99; Shoes $9.99; Shawl $4.99; Panty hose $.99;  Bra $4.99; Earrings $1.99.

An entire outfit for less than what I’d anticipated paying for just a dress. I love Value Village!

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2 Responses to I love Value Village!

  1. Dawn Stratton says:

    Awesome! So glad to hear it!

  2. Dawn Stratton says:

    What is Value Village? Consignment? Thrift store?

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