Overnight Wed I developed a nasty hacking chest cough. I have to be careful with cough syrups, since it’s not good to be drowsy while driving a bus….And then on Fri morning I was bending over in the shower and coughed before I could straighten up, and must have pinched a nerve in my back because it felt like a knife going in. DAMN! However, it’s easing off, and I’ll no doubt be myself again in a day or two.

I had lunch with Marilyn at Swiss Chalet yesterday. She treated and we got all caught up on the past few months. I am so thankful she’s back in my life.

On Monday I’m meeting Faye for coffee, and on Wednesday I’m going to Maureen’s house for a visit. I truly am blessed with the wonderful friends I have. (Says she who only a year ago was most cynical about ‘friendship’.)

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