Yet another cat…

There is another cat in my mom’s house.

Where it came from, we don’t know. Where it’s been hiding, we’re not sure. But we found it in the basement.

Now, last Sunday, a week ago, we were at the house schlepping all the crap to the curb, and the basement was open to both the upstairs and the outside. When we were finished, we closed up the doors, both to outside, AND to the kitchen, and left. Keep that in mind, it’s slightly important. Then we left and I haven’t been back inside for a week.

Fast forward to yesterday, Sunday, a week since I’d been inside the house. The basement has been closed up all week. Brianna and I went in to do our weekly allotment of garbage to put out, and as soon as we got down the stairs we started to hear meowing. We listened, trying to figure out if it was inside or at one of the windows. It kept meowing, so we tracked the sound, and finally discovered the poor thing hiding behind a pile of papers on a shelf. It wouldn’t come out, just kept meowing at us, so we went upstairs to put the food back down on the floor and to see about some water for it. When we went back down, it continued to meow, but it had changed locations and I couldn’t find it again. We did our four bags and went upstairs. The cat followed – sort of. It would come to the top of the steps, but no further, not even when we put the food in the kitchen, right near the steps. We went out into the living room, and it would peer at us round the fridge. We decided to just leave, and let it eat and drink, and hopefully it will be in a better humour next time I go in.

Poor thing. It’s been locked in the basement for a week, with no food or water. Truly, it’s amazing it’s still alive. And the question now is – well, one of them – whose is it? Is it my mom’s cat, or did it sneak into the basement when it was open last week? If it is my mom’s cat, how long had it been in the basement before last week, because the door had been closed almost the entire time we had been working in the house, until we were ready to start work on the shed and basement. Which makes one wonder – what might it have been living on down there……and at that point the mind just revolts and refuses to even consider anything else.

So, I am now left wondering what to do about this stray little catkin who has already beat the odds and survived that week…..

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