It passed!

I don’t think I had mentioned the issue with my van….it seems the license sticker has expired. Ooops. It’s registered in Paul’s name, and his birthday is Dec 23, so the sticker expired then. He says the form he received only had his car listed on it, not the van, so he thought he had licensed the van for two years. Nope. And not only was the sticker expired, the van also needed a Drive Clean emissions test. Which I figured there was no way in hell it was going to pass.

And since he’s – who knows where – and I’m here, I took the van to the doctor for its checkup. Unfortunately they couldn’t even do the test because there was  a crack right down one side of my muffler, so they couldn’t get a reading. Grr. So I made an appointment to have the muffler replaced, and drove off, feeling like I had a giant neon flashing sign overhead just begging the police to notice my expired sticker.

I went in today and they replaced my muffler while I sat in the waiting room and played with my DS. When the guy came out to me he was all smiles and he laughed at my reaction when he said it had passed the emissions test! He admitted he hadn’t expected it to pass either, given the age of the vehicle – and the evil black smoke it apparently belched at them while they were working on it – but it did!

Which made me very happy. And judging by the frantic phone call Paul made as he was standing in line at the license kiosk, and in need of an odometer reading and a security number off the Drive Clean certificate, I’ll be getting my new sticker shortly.

Life isn’t as bad as it sometimes seems.

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