Canada Post Frustrations

Trying to contact Canada Post is like trying to play one of those adventure video games – the ones where you advance step by step, and if you take a wrong step you die and have to start all over again.
I phoned the local number for Canada Post. There aren’t really any people working at our local post office, I don’t think, because if you want Customer Service, you press 3, and then it directs you to either visit their website, or call a 1-800 number, and hangs up on you. You lost a life, go back to the beginning.
So you dial the 1-800 number and press 1 for service in English. After listening to all the options, you decide which one you need and press that number. Oops, you must not have pressed it within the millisecond they allot you, and a sweet lady says “Thank you for calling Canada Post. Goodbye.” And you are disconnected. You lost another life, go back to the beginning again.
So you call the number again, select 1 for English, and this time you press the number for the next option as fast as you possibly can, cheering inside when it lets you move on! You make it through the next round, selecting whether your issue deals with residential or business mail, but then when it asks you to further narrow down your concerns by selecting one of the following options, you aren’t fast enough, and that annoying lady thanks you and kicks you off the line again. You lost another life, go back to the beginning.
So you dial the 1-800 number yet again, only to be told that Canada Post is experiencing a higher than usual volume of calls, and directing you to visit their website, or call back later. Sorry, you’re out of lives, you can’t play this game again today.

So you go online to try the online version, and after several false starts you discover that in order to redirect mail for a deceased person you have to provide 13 forms of identification, a death certificate, legal proof that you have the right to speak for the deceased, and your first born child, AND you have to present all this IN PERSON at the post office because this type of change cannot be handled electronically. Nope, sorry, you can’t play the online version of the game, you have to wait for the real life version to be released!

And for that, I wasted my entire morning!

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One Response to Canada Post Frustrations

  1. Dawn says:

    Man, we’re having a hell of a time lately, aren’t we? We need to get together after all settles down and have a pedicure together!

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