Updating Monday and Tuesday – on ovens and teeth.

Monday (well, Sunday, really)

I seem to have neglected to tell the story of the teeth. It would be so very remiss of me to omit it, so here it is….

On Sunday, before Tom and Cheryl arrived to help clean, I had pulled out one of the drawers to take home for Brianna to sort later that night. It contained a fair bit of jewellery, and a few odds and ends. I set it on the organ, hoping to remember to pick it up on my way out. Brianna was looking at it and pointed to a plastic wrapped object in the corner. “What’s that?” “I don’t know,” I replied, as I picked it up and unwrapped the plastic to uncover….

A set of false teeth. With which I promptly began chasing my shrieking daughter through the (tiny) living room. She shrieked, we both laughed, we threw the teeth in the garbage, and I figured that was it.

Until I saw her facebook status. “A good mom leaves you home while she goes to clean your dead grandmother’s house out. A great mom takes you with her and chases you around with fake teeth.” I love my daughter.

Monday (for real this time)

Because the reception was this evening, I decided not to drain myself by spending time at my mom’s. I planned to spend the day at home, puttering around cleaning, tidying, doing laundry – and having a much needed nap in the afternoon! I was almost to the point of the nap when there was a knock at the front door. It was Iain, Marion’s son – the accountant. We set to work sorting stuff out. I had already tried to phone the lawyer, but there was no answer and his voice mail was full, so Iain had me write him a letter, and we drove out to his office to leave it in his door. I have heard nothing today, so I assume he is also closed today. Then Iain had me phone Bev’s friend Shirley to advise her that I will most likely be putting the property on the market, so that she could start thinking about the best way to deal with it. I think I’ve intrigued her with this one – when I hung up she was planning to take a drive over to “get a feel” for the size of the property. Next we discussed a whole bunch of accountant type things and he gave me a ton of advice and explained what all to expect and how to handle certain things. We downloaded and completed a few of the forms that he will need to authorize him to access my mom’s financial stuff. It doesn’t appear that she’s filed a tax return since 1999 – which scares the heck out of me, but he, bless him, just shrugged and said, “No problem.”

And then Marion arrived. And it was getting late, so we started to think about some dinner before the reception. Iain is gluten intolerant, so it was hard to come up with something suitable, which is why he offered to take us all out to dinner at Swiss Chalet. The five of us had a delightful time over dinner, and then we headed to Julie’s for the reception.

Which went very, very well. I was astounded at some of the people who showed up, and was deeply humbled and touched as well. Julie and Gayle had worked so hard on the food, and they kept circulating offering various plates of yummy things. It was really nice to talk to so many of my friends, and see some faces I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m glad we chose to do it in a more impersonal venue though; it seemed less formal and more “fun”, inasmuch as such a thing could be. It was scheduled for 7-9, but a number of us stayed well after 9 – to the point where Brianna actually fell sound asleep on Julie’s couch downstairs! And when we finally did head home, lots of leftovers came with us!


Busy day today! After a breakfast of sandwiches left over from last night, Marion, Brianna and I headed for my mom’s to continue the cleaning job. Sigh. We made incredible progress though. Brianna is working in my dad’s room, and has completely cleared out one corner. Marion and I tackled the kitchen. We cleared the floor as we went, and between us we emptied all the cupboards, the fridge (that was NASTY), the undersink cabinet, and the oven. Yes, the oven. I personally wouldn’t have expected to find anything in the oven, except maybe a few roasting pans, but since I’d already discovered them in a bottom cupboard – no, shouldn’t be anything in the oven. I was wrong. Marion opened the oven and we both nearly keeled over. It was FULL of very old bread – part loaves in bags – and chicken bones. Yes, chicken bones. And the smell! ACK! Thank goodness for masks!

We did find a lot of old china, Pyrex, glassware, roasting pans; the sort of thing that could be sold at a garage sale. I hate garage sales, but I guess I’ll have to have one in the spring to unload some of this stuff. And whatever doesn’t sell gets packed right off to Value Village. We brought home two boxes of stuff to wash, and it’s actually cleaned up quite well! I contacted a friend of mine who works at the liquor store and have an appointment to stop by to pick up some sturdy boxes from her tomorrow.  My grandmother’s knitting needles are going home with Marion, as is a jigsaw puzzle I had given my dad, which is still wrapped in the original plastic…..

I had bought a box of 40 garbage bags, and there were a few already in the house. My box is empty. So that means we have tossed out over 40 bags already, and that’s really just two rooms….there’s still two bedrooms and an attic….it’s going to be a very long winter.


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One Response to Updating Monday and Tuesday – on ovens and teeth.

  1. bats says:

    Aw, reading all this is bringing memories flooding back. I remember when I cleared my parents bungalow, i found gifts that i had given my dad in drawers too, never been out of the packaging.

    Fortunately I didn’t find any false teeth (so didn’t get to chase my kids with them, that must have been so funny) I wish i had seen Brianna post it on FB, cos i know i would have commented, must have been while I was either away, or no computer working *gasps in disbelief* … laptop wouldnt connect to the home network, and my mac quit after doing a software update, so that’s gone to caroline and nick to hopefully be fixed, so i should be around more (apart from david being home with back problems). He uses my laptop too, so time can be limited.. Sue, can you get rid of any of those items on that recycle scheme maybe, that i can never remember what its called? That way it may be gone sooner rather than later, just a thought.

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