Christmas Day…

Well, that was different! And yet in many ways, exactly the same.

Santa must have arrived while I was still playing on the computer, because I saw the NORAD report that he was in Toronto, and when I went upstairs to go to bed, there were already the Santa gifts under the tree, and the stockings were filled. I stayed up reading in bed for a while, but shortly after 1 I heard Brianna rushing through the house to the bathroom. Where she threw up. And threw up. And threw up. I’m guessing our night of junk food and movies didn’t agree with her system. Once she was done, she was fine. She said her stomach had been bothering her since just before she went to bed, but after having thrown up, she felt much better. However, she decided to sleep with me so that she was closer to the bathroom, just in case….. And I informed her that if she dared to throw up in my bed she would be dog chow. (she didn’t throw up again)

Sean came in around 7, and Brianna and I had a fun time trying to convince him we were both still asleep. He wasn’t convinced – he’s smart enough to realize that people who are talking probably aren’t asleep – so we ended up getting up and heading out for presents. We started with stockings, and the kids seemed thrilled with everything that was stuffed in them, especially Brianna’s frog socks….

Then we moved on to presents. I had tried to make sure the kids got the things they had asked for, from Brianna’s earrings to Sean’s Club Penguin toys and DS game, and even including his Canada mitts…

I only teared up once, when the kids were opening the gifts I had bought them from my mom.

Brianna’s mixing bowl set

Sean’s World War II books

We had a quiet afternoon ‘playing with’ our new stuff, and I cleaned up the living room – more or less. I cooked the turkey, and we had turkey, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner, just like always, though I did have a rather hysterical moment when I was lifting the turkey onto the serving tray and both legs fell off! Brianna and I both thought that was most funny.

After dinner we watched Fred Claus, and partway through we decided we had sufficient room to finally tackle our dessert – a chocolate truffle cake we had chosen at the grocery store. Oh, was it delicious! Mmmmm.

And then it was pretty much bedtime. Overall, I’d say it was a success.

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