‘Twas a strange day indeed.

Once again, major running around this morning! Bank machine for some cash, gas station for fuel, bank to pick up the draft to pay the funeral home, video store to rent movies for tonight, grocery store for junk food for tonight, funeral home to pay them and pick up death certificates, chip wagon for lunch, back to bank to hand in death certificate for confirmation that they will continue to allow her hydro bill to be paid out of the account while I clean out the house and search for a will, and then FINALLY home to find I had just missed the call from the coroner! I quickly called back, but no use, I guess he’d gone home for the holidays already. Oh well.

Tom and Cheryl came to visit this afternoon and we had a lovely visit together. They brought gifts for the kids, and were very pleased with the Christmas balls I had chosen for them in Cloyne in the summer. They also brought food! Cookies, squares, corn chips and nacho dip, and a veggie tray. The veggie tray was devoured this evening as part of our movie night!

Once Tom and Cheryl had left, Sean came wandering upstairs wanting to know if we could start our movie night. I had promised the kids a totally different Christmas Eve, so we rented movies and ate tons of junk food, and they were happy little clams! They opened their annual Christmas Eve jammies and we did the annual photos in front of the tree, then I managed to chase Sean off to bed to await Santa….and now we wait….

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