How baffling…but in a good way.

Josh was over tonight, and as usual I took him home at 10PM. We were about to go out the back door, when I realized the outside door was open. Not terribly surprising, because the thing that makes the door close on its own is broken, and Michael had dropped Sean off earlier, so I just assumed he had accidentally left it open.
Till Brianna looked out the window and said, “What’s that box there?”
Box? What box?
I had a look, and there, perched on the railing was a box loaded with – well, with stuff. I opened the door and brought the box in. It contained a number of various food items that we love – chocolate syrup for Brianna, chocolate chip granola bars and cheesies for Sean, cans of corn, spagetti sauce, stew, a jar of pickles, chips, chocolate, crackers, and even some kitty treats for the cat!
Whoever left the box knows us very well, as all the items were things we like and would definitely use. And on the top were three small wrapped presents, one for each of us. Brianna suggested we open them, and see if they contained any clues as to the identity of the box-leaver. Each of us got socks. And even the socks were personalized – Brianna’s were purple, mine were colours I always wear, and so were Sean’s!
There are a couple people I can think of who would a) know us well enough to select all of the items so perfectly and b) would go to the trouble of actually doing it. But I have no idea who it truly was. So if our Secret Santa is reading this, thank you so much from the three of us. It was a definite pick-us-up tonight, and we are having a wonderful time puzzling over who left it for us.

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