I’m offended…

I came across the following signature on a discussion forum just now. Note that the bolded letters are not my addition, but they came with the signature.

“I’m not offended by “Happy Holidays” and I really don’t care if “Merry Christmas” offends you.”

What a charming attitude! How delightfully Christian of her! (my bolding, and my sarcasm) And people wonder why I have no respect for Christians….

I’m not Christian, and I am offended when Christians try to ram their beliefs down my throat and when they flaunt them around all over the place. I will wish you Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whichever you say to me first, and I am generally not at all offended if you wish me Merry Christmas, but I AM offended when you claim to be part of a ‘loving, tolerant, Christ-honouring” faith, and then you say you don’t care if what you say offends me….sorry, that just doesn’t go together.  I was raised Baptist, and a huge emphasis was placed on how the “world” views Christians. We were taught never to do or say anything that would cause another person to doubt or look down on Christianity, and to be cautious of our every word and action. I’m guessing the writer of that signature isn’t Baptist, and apparently doesn’t care that her comment has made at least one person more disgusted and disillusioned with Christianity than I was before….

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